Our History

The Houston Counseling Association emerged as part of the vocational guidance movement in 1952. Chartered as South Texas Guidance Association, this organization was one of the original branches of the National Vocational Guidance Association. Early membership included those in personnel services primarily from the Veteran's Hospital, South Texas Junior College, and the University of Houston. Then in1958, when the school counselor movement became strong, counselors became active in a group and have been responsible for its direction and growth. In 1963, the Association became affiliated with the American Personnel and Guidance Association, the Houston PGA continued to grow and in 1965, membership went over the 100 mark. In 1984, HPGA changed its name to the Houston Association for Counseling and Development to align with the name changes of The Texas Association for Counseling and Development. Again in 1992, after AACD and TACD (now TCA) revised its names, the HACD became the Houston Counseling Association, or HCA, its current name. The organization by-laws were adopted in 1952, amended in 1984, 1991 and 1992 to facilitate the name changes of our national and state affiliate organizations. Currently the association covers a three-county area that includes Austin, Harris, and Waller counties. 

The significance of the HCA emblem is symbolic in the outer circle of the total educational process while the inner semi-circle denotes HCA. The counselor characteristics of knowledge, flexibility, and accessibility are portrayed by respective sides of the triangle. The significance of this triangle, however, is two-fold in that also delineates the acceptance, confidence, and assistance the client seeks. The flames radiates the warmth of the counseling situation. The reciprocal support by the organization to the counselor and client is characterized by the reversible cord. All inclusive, the complete emblem upholds the uniting bond between counselor and client.
On May 1st, 2012 we began our 60th year. With the collective spirit of our membership, we expect to continue our growth and effect on the education of our counselors and the many they serve.